Created and hosted by Rita Phetmixay, Healing Out Lao’d (HOL) is a podcast platform to raise awareness of Lao American stories through the lens of intergenerational healing and resilience. Traditionally, Lao American stories have centered intergenerational trauma that tends to victimize the diaspora--giving folx little room to think about the possibilities of thriving beyond war imagination. This podcast by no means will overlook war trauma of the Lao diaspora, but rather nurtures it by way of holding space to process grief and heal.

Beyond storytelling, HOL is a space of learning, growth, and sharing of wellness resources from Rita and her guests. Rita brings together an array of diverse Lao American stories that range from geographic location and upbringing, gender identity & sexuality, career field/profession, and much more! This is a greater healing justice movement for Lao America and Rita creates public dialogue that will bring Lao Americans closer to the state of holistic wellbeing.


You are love and may you one day realize how important your are to the world and to your future self. May you love yourself deeper and hold yourself a little tighter.

— Rita



The start of a new era. Rita’s podcast brings upon a new family-space of community-togetherness that not only allows individuals to self-heal in many forms, but also shares relatable, thought-provoking, and inspirationally moving stories with the Lao community.
— Derick S.

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Your donation allows HOL to continue promoting healing spaces for Lao America. Eventual goals for HOL are to expand its reach to other diasporic communities of color and become an umbrella entity for hosting healing retreats across the world.


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Tell your friends and family about HOL! You may follow @healingoutlaod on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s no better way to support the de-stigmatization of mental health in Lao American spaces than to be an active advocate yourself!




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